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The story

Otice is a Belgian based clothing brand that was founded by Yorick De Kerf and Jens Vermeulen. Both students were tired of paying clothing at high rates. So they came up with the idea of affordable luxury clothing for everyone. Otice offers the unique and authentic clothing. A luxury brand that is all about a price that reflects its craft, not it’s logo. Our designs are crafted to show style and character. We use the finest materials in clothing, so we make sure you get all the attention.

How would you define high-end fashion? We would guess that the first words that come to mind are: high quality, exclusivity, unique designs and ofcourse expensive. That last word always made us wonder does it really have to be expensive? Instead of using a traditional way of distribution by using wholesalers, distributors and retail stores, that mark up the price of luxury clothing. We’ve been throwing all that out, selling luxury fashion, directly to you.

We are different

The collections are strictly limited edition, to make sure you'll get noticed. To ensure real premium quality clothing we partnered with local Portuguese manufacturers, who offer us the perfect fabrics and knits. We probably gone true every t-shirt there is in stores for benchmarking. To create the perfect wearing experience we went through different types of cotton, fabric, weaving and stitching to arrive to what we think is true premium quality. The result: Otice.

We use a direct-to-consumermodel that cuts out all these unnecessary steps like: middlemen, up street retail location and excessive advertising, which doesn’t add any value to the product.



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