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Meet the team

Jens Vermeulen, 23
I’m a MBA student at the University of Ghent. I have a degree in Business Management and also in Finance and Insurance, yes indeed nothing fashion related, but so passionate about it. My studies were always preparing me for the business world. But beside the economical subjects I was always obsessed about the latest trends in fashion, but be honest, I never thought I'd end up in the fashion business. In my spare time I do a lot of sport, but I'm particularly passionate about cars in general, motorsport and travelling. 
Yorick De Kerf, 22
During my studies Business Management, fashion has always interested me. I always wanted to create something of my own, especially an own brand. I wanted to chase this dream, so one year ago, Jens and me got together and started following our dream. I'm very interested in marketing and how to preform the best as a company, that's why I love reading books/blogs that help me expand my knowledge.


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